Loosli Relevant 819

Pictured on pasture after breeding season

Relevant 819 is the new herd sire we bought from Loosli Red Angus in Idaho.  He was the high selling bull in the 2019 sale.  He is in the top 10% on the following EPDs - Gridmaster, WW, YW, ADG, CW, and REA.

We are excited to see what his calves look like this spring!


Reg # 3907331

Seeger Conquerer 510

Conq 510 is our home raised calving ease bull.  Pictures of Conq 510 at the start of breeding season (above) and after breeding season (right). 

HB  GM  CED   BW  WW  YW   Milk

218  49     17    -2.7    55    95     25 

Seeger Crimson Tide 502

 HB  GM  CED   BW  WW  YW   Milk

178   50      7      1.3    69   116    28 

Tide is our home raised herd sire with lots of growth. This picture was taken at turn out.

This bull was a great herd sire. The 2018 calves will be the last ones sired by him.  We lost him to an injury and we really regret not getting him collected.

New Herd Sire

Seeger Mr Packer 864

CED  BW  WW  YW  Milk Stay

  10   -0.3    66    98    22    18

CED  BW  WW  YW  Milk Stay

  11    0.2    67   105    19    16

Rusch Predictabull 818


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