Seeger Red Angus was started in the early 1990s. We worked hard to get some good genetics in our herd before our dispersion in 2003. Since our dispersion, you can still find our genetics in sale catalogs across the country. From 2003 - 2013 we had a small red angus herd that was just enough to keep Sherill busy while Dixie went through 8 years of college and vet school. We have since been growing the registered herd back up. We are back to selling yearling bulls and a few heifers private treaty.

Dixie married Brandon Rusch in 2013, making it Seeger & Rusch Red Angus. We had our son Regan on May 13, 2016 and daughter Jolyn on January 22, 2018. Regan had a love for cows from a young age. He was reading bull sale catalogs by 8 months old. He said cow and moo by 11 months. He loves feeding cows with dad in the tractor. Jolyn will have no choice but to love cows!

Regan - the cow man

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